CrestMuse Symposium 2008
招待講演 Antonio Camurri

EyesWeb XMI (eXtended Multimodal Interaction)

EyesWeb refers both to the research projects of InfoMus Lab on multimodal interactive systems and expressive gesture, and to the open software platform to support the development of real-time multimodal distributed interactive applications. The EyesWeb project started in 1997, as a natural evolution of the HARP Project (see The current release of the open software platform is EyesWeb XMI (eXtended Multimodal Interaction). With respect to its predecessors, EyesWeb XMI better support the real-time analysis and processing of synchronized streams at different sampling rates (e.g., audio, video, data from sensors). Extraction of expressive descriptors of human movement and gesture and models for navigating physical and expressive spaces are supported in the EyesWeb Expressive Gesture Processing Library. EyesWeb is adopted in several EU IST ICT research projects, in university and industry research projects. EyesWeb XMI can be freely downloaded from
The seminar also includes the presentation of short examples from research projects on active music listening (EU ICT Project SAME, on therapy and rehabilitation, on interactive museum applications, and on music theatre.

Antonio Camurri (Genova, 1959; '84 Master Degree in Electric Engineering; 1991 PhD in Computer Engineering) is Associate Professor at DIST-University of Genova (Faculty of Engineering), where he teaches "Software engineering" and "Multimedia Systems". His research interests include computer music, multimodal intelligent interfaces, interactive systems, kansei information processing and artificial emotions, interactive multimodal-multimedia systems for theatre, music, dance, museums. He is founder and scientific director of the InfoMus Lab at DIST-University of Genova ( He was President of AIMI (Italian Association for Musical Informatics), is member of the Executive Committee (ExCom) of the IEEE CS Technical Committee on Computer Generated Music, Associate Editor of the international "Journal of New Music Research". He is responsible of EU IST Projects at DIST InfoMus Lab of University of Genova. He is author of more than 80 international scientific publications. Since 2005 he is Director of the Casa Paganini International Centre of Excellence on science and multimedia technologies for music and performing arts (